Learn about your rights under the Mental Health Act in BC

  • Rights Advisors are independent from the British Columbia health care system.
  • They offer support without judgement.
  • They will not share any information with your treatment team or your support network, without consent.
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What is the Independent Rights Advice Service?

The Independent Rights Advice Service provides information to people who are detained and experiencing involuntary treatment under the Mental Health Act in BC. This information helps people understand what their legal rights are and how they can act on those rights.

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What is an involuntary patient?

Involuntary patient means that you don’t have a choice about your psychiatric treatment or whether you can leave a hospital or facility. If you are unsure if you are an involuntary patient, you can ask your treatment team. You may still be an involuntary patient if you left the hospital or facility. Involuntary treatment, also known as involuntary psychiatric treatment or involuntary commitment, refers to mental health treatment that is administered to a person without their consent.

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Supporting someone?

Are you providing support to someone in your life who is undergoing involuntary treatment? Feel free to connect with us to better understand your rights and theirs.

Our Rights Advisors uphold the utmost privacy for all patients, family members, and care providers. We are dedicated to confidentially secure all personal information communicated to us.