Your Privacy and Confidentiality Matters

The Independent Rights Advice Service operates separately from the health care system. This means Rights Advisors do not work for hospitals, facilities or community mental health teams.

Rights Advice meetings are confidential. Rights Advisors will not share any information from a rights advice meeting without your consent unless required to by law.

Independent Rights Advice Service will securely and privately store:

• Any personal information you share with a Rights Advisor during a rights advice meeting; and
• Any notes a Rights Advisor makes about a rights advice meeting.
Your personal information cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the Independent Rights Advice Service.

A member of your treatment team will help you complete a Request for Rights Advice form to ask for a rights advice meeting. To complete this form, you must provide your name, Personal Health Number (if you have one) and birthdate. You can also choose to share what pronouns you use, your email address and if you have any accessibility or cultural safety needs.